The National Film Society, aka AWESOME ASIAN BAD GUYS

The National Film Society is a new media studio co-founded by filmmakers Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco, who’ve decided to take their talents to YouTube. With a uniquely brainy and offbeat style, they produce original content, collaborate with talented creators and make fun of each other as much as possible. Part of PBS Digital Studios.

They recently announced they will be directing, producing and starring in a 5-episode arc of a webseries entitled Awesome Asian Bad Guys.  We asked questions, they answered them (somewhat adequately), and continue to make their mothers proud.

What the hell is Awesome Asian Bad Guys?  What actors do you have lined up, and will you two be playing yourselves?

SD: Awesome Asian Bad Guys is an 80s inspired action comedy web series about two filmmakers, a volatile group of Asian bad guy actors and an impossible mission. It’s like The Expendables meets Dumb & Dumber, but all Asian. We’ve got an incredible cast already in place including legendary Asian bad guy Al Leong,

He electrocuted Mel Gibson in LETHAL WEAPON, got shot full of holes by Bruce Willis in DIE HARD, and as Genghis Khan, he helped Bill and Ted complete their history paper. Multi-tasker!

… Yuji Okumoto, 

… the calm and cool Randall Park,

… Aaron Takahashi,

The face of a notorious Crime Boss.

… and Tamlyn Tomita.

Another excuse to have Ralph Macchio in this post.

And, yes, the two of us will be in it playing ourselves.  Or slightly more attractive versions of ourselves.

PE: Very attractive versions.

So the AABGs are basically super heroes with super strengths and super weaknesses.  Since it’s apparent what your weaknesses are (booze, Ryan Gosling, songs by Extreme), what are your super strengths?

SD: My super strengths are related to writing, research and rice eating. I have the uncanny ability to draft clear and convincing emails (with minimum typos) at the drop of a hat. I can find random and often useless information on the Internet with incredible ease. And I can eat a lot of rice. Like really a lot.

PE: Booze isn’t a super strength? How about the ability to forget everything I learned in school?

A pedestrian attempt at gaining a super strength.

You’ve made it well-known that La Bamba is your favorite movie, because of how quotable it is, but mainly because of how you two are spitting images of Esai Morales and Lou Diamond Phillips.  Who’s the Bad Guy from that movie?

SD: The bad guy in La Bamba is clearly Donna’s dad. What a jerk, standing between Ritchie and Donna. That guy sucks.

PE: Bob was the emotional center of that film. Really, he was the main character in a film that was really about a great cartoonist.

How does one become a member of The National Film Society?  And don’t you think that name is somewhat of a misnomer?

PE: What’s a “Misnomer”?

SD: There are only two ways to become a member of the National Film Society. One is for us to ask you to join in one of our video interviews. The other is to pay us money. Lots of it.

PE: “Misnomer”?  You’re a misnomer.

What advice do you have for people that want to be an Awesome Asian Bad Guy?

SD: Anyone can be a Bad Guy. Few can be Asian Bad Guys. And even fewer can be Awesome Asian Bad Guys. To be an Awesome Asian Bad Guy, you must have incredible strength, amazing fighting skills and no fear of death. Because let’s face it, you’re probably going to die sooner rather than later.

PE: Mustaches. Full, sparse… it doesn’t matter. Just grow something, and you’ll be well on your way!  And it helps if you’re famous.  Or bad.  Or famously bad that you’re actually nice.

Wong Fu – the original Nice Guys.

SD: Right now we’re in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign for Awesome Asian Bad Guys. If you like badass Asians, then definitely check out our Kickstarter, contribute what you can and share the link with your friends!

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